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Struggle and pain is part of life. The trials one faces cannot be prevented and will always cause hardship. But one must remember to rest in the Lord. But you ask yourself how that is possible? How can one rest in the Lord, it is hard especially when all you can see is your own pain. There is one answer that encompasses everything – resting in the Lord. Which means keeping faith and trust in God. How do you do this? Simple – By staying in His word continuously, consistently and constantly.

You cannot persevere or endure anything be it pain or sorrow if you cannot stay in the word. Because once you stop, the enemy will attack and everything negative thing will come to the surface: dark thoughts, lack of belief, and anguish and soon these lies, doubts and fears will start to become your truth.

Remember, just because the answer (staying in His word continuously, consistently and constantly) is simple does not mean practicing it is simple, human desire always comes like a cancerous tumor upending the flow of positive intentions – the spirit is willing but the flesh is weak, and weak it is.

So how do you stay in His word continuously, constantly and consistently? The first obvious answer is reading His word – the bible, but did you know that reading the bible is not the only way or means to stay in the Lord’s words? There is prayer, worship music, hymns, devotionals, church, people and you, yourself and you alone… Humans are diverse and creative, we are all wonderfully made – remember that. Find a way, your own unique way in which you praise God and use that as a reminder of who God is and let the Light of Christ fill you with His love and mercy.

The key here is you must and I cannot stress it enough, you must continuously, consistently and constantly stay in the word. If you are feeling down and you let your thoughts continuously, consistently and constantly wonder in to dark territory, what do you think will happen? How will you pick yourself up? Do you think picking the bible up once and then going right back into the darkness will help? NOPE!! You have to have the “HABIT” of going back to Christ and surrounding yourself mentally and spiritually with the positive things of God be it prayer, the bible, hymns, worship music, devotionals, creative writing etc.

Remember to always surround yourself with the positive things of God. You must remember His light and love so that no matter what trial comes your way, you will always know the truth of who God is- The Almighty, Alpha and Omega, Prince of Peace, the Beginning and the End and the One that Was , Is, and Is to Come.