In this season of lent. As I pondered what to give up/ fast from, I came to a realization that my past Lents have always been about striving, striving to gain God’s approval, grace, blessing and love, despite knowing that His love is freely given.

3 years ago for 2 weeks I went on a liquid fast and I felt really good about it and now I realize it was because I felt like I had really earned God’s blessing. I felt like I had worked during lent so, automatically that counts with Christ.

Which is so, so wrong and it did not hit me until recently as I was reading “The Comeback” by Louie Giglio and in one of the chapters Louie says you cannot earn God’s love and that it is freely given.

I asked myself why am I striving, why am I trying to earn grace when it is freely giving… something I know but apparently never grasped. What about you? Do you think or know  you are striving? If you are and are struggling here is a worship song I hope lifts you up and reminds you of the Father’s love.