What is man but flesh and blood
What is man but dust and bones
Yet I fear the evil nature of man
The wicked deeds man can conceive
And the pain that they can inflict upon my heart and mind.

When you think and feel the evil of man has far outweighed the goodness of the Lord in your life.

But yet you know it is not true but sometimes you see the hardships your family has endured and you still think how and when will it end.

When you fear pain and suffering to the point you fight to accept it and you resist it so hard.

Then this is when your fear of man overrides your faith in God… It is pretty simple, you clearly have little faith and you do not see God in everything. For you believe God is not here, he is not present in your life or you believe He is not with you….

I am not saying this is true, am just saying this is when you believe it so. Just because you believe something doesn’t always make it true.

When you begin to believe these falsehoods that is when you look back and remember all the goodness of the Lord in your life… Remember in the dark what God promised you in the light.