This peace that the Lord has promised to His children, that He freely gives starts and begins with our trust and faith in Him. Without faith and trust we cannot receive the blessings of God.

How can I say I want the “peace” which transcends all understanding and yet don’t believe the things the Lord has said? I will never be able to receive my Father’s gifts if I keep on rejecting them. Lack of faith, distrust and unbelief in God hinders us from receiving His blessings.

Believing, trusting and having faith in God gives you a peace that transcends all understanding. So when you believe, trust and have faith that God is going to be there for you, that He is present right now in this very moment and that no matter what happens or comes your way that God is sovereign, and victorious. Thus begins the peace that transcends all understanding.  

Don’t make the mistake of believing or thinking that peace can only come through actualization of the things we so desperately want or receiving what we have prayed for. This is because peace is not always a specific outcome. Christ’s death at the cross was a victory but his disciples were shaken and could not understand the why of it all. However, they soon discovered Christ’s death at the cross brought us all so much. Peace is knowing, believing and having faith in God’s will. Regardless of all that is going on, knowing that God has the final say and He will not forsake, forget or abandon you. Peace ensures victory, victory does not ensure peace.