flesh may fail

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Reading Exodus 32 (The Golden Calf) all 35 verses, I kept shaking my head and thinking how could the Israelites turn so quickly, how could they have forgotten so soon the red sea, the cloud before them and the fire that guided them at night. Moses was gone for 40 days, a month and 10 days. Then a thought came to my mind, how am I so different from the Israelites. See my own actions in my own desert. The Lord made me two promises and as I struggled in my barren land, I had forgotten them. I too became forgetful, forgetting the past triumphs and blessings my Lord brought me through. Though the distance of my desert has been longer than 40 days there have been streams, wells and rivers.

But despite that, I too turned to other things, objects and people for salvation and became angry and bitter when relief did not come, instead of keeping my eyes on the Lord. Saying if I do this God will bless my hand, not once thinking to seek the Lord first before moving.

“If only I would consistently bring Christ into my grief and gloom as my Lord and Master. For He will “surround me with songs of deliverance. He will calm and color everything I see!

The Lord’s most distressing dealings with me are for my deepest spiritual gain.” – paraphrased from Streams in the Desert