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I Feel It In My Bones You Are About To Move

Have you ever felt goosebumps under your skin when you hear a song and its beat. You just feel the beat in your bones and the vocals make you just quiet and you find yourself leaning in and the words of the song gives you HOPE with your hand lifted in Praise.


Flesh and Heart May Fail But God is the Strength of My Heart and Portion

flesh may fail


Reading Exodus 32 (The Golden Calf) all 35 verses, I kept shaking my head and thinking how could the Israelites turn so quickly, how could they have forgotten so soon the red sea, the cloud before them and the fire that guided them at night. Moses was gone for 40 days, a month and 10 days. Then a thought came to my mind, how am I so different from the Israelites. See my own actions in my own desert. The Lord made me two promises and as I struggled in my barren land, I had forgotten them. I too became forgetful, forgetting the past triumphs and blessings my Lord brought me through. Though the distance of my desert has been longer than 40 days there have been streams, wells and rivers. Continue reading “Flesh and Heart May Fail But God is the Strength of My Heart and Portion”

Take Courage Your Heart, Stay Steadfast Your Soul, He’s In The Waiting. Hold On To Your Hope, Watch Your Triumph Unfold, He’s Never Failing.

This is what God is teaching us, He has to keep results that are encouraging away from us until we learn to trust Him without them. Then He loves to make His Word as real to us in actuality as it is in our faith  – A.B Simpson Streams in the Desert (August 31st).


Faith dares to claim a promised victory solely on the basis of the authority of God’s Word, even though there might be no physical signs of fulfillment. God will answer His promises in response to our faith. – Paraphrased from Streams in the Desert (September 4th).

Even In The Barren Lands, His Water Will Still Sustain Us

living water

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“but whoever drinks the water I give them will never thirst. Indeed, the water I give them will become in them a spring of waterwelling up to eternal life.” – John 4:14

I will lead her back into the desert there I will give her back her vineyard (Hosea 2:14-15). 

Whether in the valley, mountain tops or the desert, the Lord Almighty’s water is sufficient. Every trial and circumstance we find ourselves, we must always remember that the Lord has permitted it and as HE is always in control, HE will always sustain us through it all. The water HE gives becomes a spring of waterwelling up to eternal life, strengthening us in our time of need. All we need do is drink from HIS well.




Always rejoice


Even when I see the evidence of divine pestilence where I once saw the fruits of God’s plentiful provision, “yet i will rejoice in Lord.’

In our time of distress we would flee to God; that we would maintain our spiritual composure under the darkest of circumstances; and that in the midst of everything, we would delight ourselves with a scared joy in God and have cheerful expectations of Him.

– excerpts from the Streams in the Desert August 11th. 

Joy in Wonder

Each day, each moment and everything around is a wonderful wonder

Will not be Moved…He has Overcome

When fear, discouragement and dismay threatens to overwhelm you remember… He Has OVERCOME.


I am child of God.. set free in peace and love

Every day, Every moment…

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